September Monthly Faves

I can’t believe how late I am doing this! it doesn’t seem five minutes since my last monthly faves post! Lets get straight into it!

1. Vlogs

I am really enjoying watching vlogs on YouTube at the moment especially Ellie and JaredBonnie Hollein and 8 Passengers. Ellie, Bonnie and Ruby are sisters and its so fun seeing them all pop up in each other’s videos as well as seeing them individually and watching their kids grow up!

2. University


I am loving being back at University and throwing myself into my classes and assignments. its adding purpose into my day again and I can feel myself getting stronger and healthier just because I’m staying in bed until lunchtime everyday.

3. Friends


Along with that, I am really enjoying being back with my friends. Its been so difficult to stay in touch over the summer as everyone’s been dotted around the country but now we’re all back together again and its like we were never apart.

4. Too Faced’s Boss Lady Beauty Agenda


You can see my full review here but I have done my makeup with this palette a couple of times now and the shadows are fantastic, they blend out really well and are so pigmented. I just need an excuse to use some of the brighter colours now!

Thanks for reading guys and let me know what your monthly faves have been in the comments! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @bethtakesonbeauty!

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