August Monthly Faves

My long overdue Monthly Favourites post for August!

It’s funny to think I’m writing this and it’s nearly the end of September! This year is just going by so quickly, it’ll be Christmas before we know it! Anyway, here is my list of favourites for August 2017:

1: My nails

As someone who has struggled a lot with anxiety, one habit I have found really difficult to break over the years is biting my nails. But this month I think I’ve finally done it. I am loving seeing them grow and getting to paint them different colours

2: Essie’s Apricot Nail Oil

Following on from that, I am loving this oil to help my nails grow and keep them strong and flexible. If you’re looking for a nail oil, it’s really important that it has jojoba oil in it as that is the easiest for your nails to absorb. Simply Nailogical on YouTube has several videos that explain the importance of a nail oil, I’d really suggest checking her out if you’re interested in finding out more, plus she’s really funny and makes really informative videos… sorta.
3: Tarte’s Shape Tape

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to try this but I bought it to take on holiday with me and it’s actually incredible! The coverage is amazing yet it doesn’t feel heavy. I love it paired with their Rainforest of the Sea foundation.
4: Lush

I have loved Lush for a while, all the staff are always really helpful, regardless of which store I use (we have a few locally) I’ve spoken about their Enzymion moisturiser before but this month I am all about the bath bombs. My favourite is the Butter Ball especially at Christmas when it’s shaped like a Polar Bear.
5: Victoria’s Secret

I recently bought a few bras from Victoria’s Secret when they had a sale on since I’m usually scared off by the prices. They are such amazing quality and so comfortable to wear and, ladies, we all know how rare that is. I’ve been back since and bought underwear which is also really soft and luxurious.
6: NYX’s Curvaceous Mascara

I bought this purely for my One Brand Makeup Look, assuming I’d never touch it again since when it comes to mascara I already have my favourites *cough* Benefit’s Roller Lash *cough* but I really like it and I’ve found myself reaching for it over and over again. Plus it’s less that a Tenner so a bit better for the bank account, too.
7: Holidays

Or Vacation to my American friends. My family and I went to Son Bou in Menorca over the Summer and we just had the best time relaxing after what had been a pretty stressful few months.
8: Bare Minerals’ GenNude Lipstick in Tutu

For a while now, I’ve struggled to find an everyday go-to lipstick but this is it. The colour is gorgeous and suits my skin tone perfectly and it’s so moisturising, it’s more like a really pigmented tinted lip balm than a lipstick so it doesn’t sry my lips out, even after a full day’s wear.

9: American Horror Story: Cult

I have always loved AHS but this latest season is so topical and fascinating, I’ve fallen in love all over again. Please leave your fan theories in the comments below!

10: Benefit’s Fool Proof Brow Powder

This was an airport purchase before we went away and it really is fantastic, although I never expected anything else from Benefit’s Brow line. It’s really pigmented and not the slightest bit chalky.

Here is all my favourite things throughout the month of August. I’m sorry for missing last week’s blog but you can see my life update in the previous post (along with some cool brow trends) that might explain why. My health is just having to take priority right now.
See you all soon!

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