Weird Brow Trends Tested

I’m baa-aack!! Over the last few weeks I’ve been fascinated by the new Instagram Brow trends so I thought I’d test them out. I’ve also included my everyday brow routine and a life update to let you know why I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks.

What you’ll need:

A spoolie (the little brushes that look like mascara wands but clean)

An Angled brow brush (I used the Real Techniques one)

A brow pomade or cream product (I used KaBrow by Benefit Cosmetics)

A brow pencil (I used Precisely, My Brow also from Benefit)

A brow gel (I used Ready, Set, Brow also from Benefit)

A high coverage concealer (I used MAC’s Select Cover-up)


First of all I started with doing my Brows the same way I do every time I put on makeup.

This is my natural Brow (I used my good brow as a model, haha).


The first step in to use the spoolie to brush it into place.


Then I outline my brow in the shape I want with KaBrow, fill in between the lines and blend out any harsh lines.


Next, I add a couple of tiny hair-strokes at the front of my Brow using a pencil and finish with some brow gel to set everything in place. IMG_2103


The Wavy Brow

For this one, I did my usual routine then used a pencil to draw in the ‘waves’. to do this I drew an ‘S’ shape starting above my brow and finishing below.


I then did this all the way along my Brow.


Next, I filled in the waves with KaBrow and defined them with some concealer, very carefully, around the edges. I did find I had to back in with the pencil just to create a sharp edge.


The Pony Tail

Again. I outlined my brow but I made sure to Over line the front of my brow to help create the illusion of the hair being pulled in at the end of my brow


Then, I Drew a dot using my eyeliner to create a hair bobble. That’s it. Simple6174637296_img_0582

Life Update

SO, some of you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit MIA both here and over on my Instagram.  For a start, last week we were away and Internet was an issue so I could upload this post. Secondly, the week prior to that I began having these stabbing pains just below my ribs during the night. Now, I have a few chronic pain conditions and I like to think my pain threshold is pretty high so I don’t say this lightly: I thought I was dying. After about three nights of this (thats how high my pain threshold is, it took 3 nights of thinking I was dying before I actually did anything about it) I started vomiting blood so I went to A&E- or the ER for my American followers. They ordered an ultrasound for me because they thought it may have been Endometriosis but in the end found some Gallstones so now I’m waiting to have my Gallbladder removed because I’m far too young to be having gallbladder problems and we have a family history of it. so long story short: I was in far too much pain to concentrate on doing makeup or writing a blog post but now I’m on some pain medication and Im feeling a lot better so I should I should be back to my regular posting schedule from now on, at least until I go into hospital.

I hope you enjoyed this post. don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram @bethtakesonbeauty.


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