July Favourites

How are we in August already?! This year is just going far too quickly. This week I’ve decided to write about a few things I’ve really been enjoying during the past month, some of them are beauty related and some aren’t but hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about them and learning a little bit more about me!

1. Skating

To be fair, this could make the list every month but since I finished University for the summer I’ve really found my love for Figure Skating again. I’d become a bit stuck and I wasn’t really making any progress as I didn’t have the time to practise outside of my weekly lessons but I’ve actually been skating for various amounts of time most days this month and it is really beginning to show in my skating.

2. Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette

If you want to read my full review of this palette you can do that here but I’m still loving playing with this palette and creating different looks. Not to mention it is so incredibly pretty to look at.

3. RuPaul’s Drag Race


So I started watching this on Netflix to see what all the hype was about and after one episode I was like “wtf have I just watched? this is horrific, I can’t believe how many people actually like this… I’ll just watch one more to see what I’m missing” and after about 4 episodes I was hooked. I’m now going to go back to watching all the past seasons that Netflix has to offer…

4. Hot Ice


If you live in the UK and have any kind of interest in Ice Skating or just want to see a good show I thoroughly recommend Blackpool’s Hot Ice. This was the third year in a row that my Mum and I have been to watch the show, which is changed and updated every year, and it’s safe to say that we are going to make it an annual event. It is absolutely spectacular to watch and all the skaters are incredible.

5. Kat Von Dee Beauty’s Saint and Sinner perfumes


I was so excited when these new products were announced as KVD is one of my favourite makeup brands. My original plan was to just purchase one of them but they both smelt too good so I couldn’t decide. Saint is more of an everyday perfume for me as it’s a little bit sweeter and more floral where as Sinner is definitely more musky and sophisticated for an event.

6. How to Cake it


In amongst all the beauty videos that YouTube has to offer, I found How to Cake it. Some of you may know that I do like to do a little bit of baking my self so I was drawn to Yolanda’s channel. Her videos are funny and entertaining but informative at the same time, not to mention she makes the most amazing cakes. You can check out her videos here.

7. Bullet Journaling

I have also started a bullet journal this month. At the front I have created a month-to-view plan for August including a habit tracker and a section for key dates and then I am using a page-per-week to plan my blog posts which has made life so much easier as I can write down ideas for future posts as I think of them rather than having to come up with something on the spot each week when I start writing.

8. Oasis


Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I went to the One Love Manchester Concert organised by Ariana Grande after the horrific terrorist attack at her concert in May that left 22 people dead and many more injured including my neighbour and her daughter. The song that seems to have become synonymous with the events and the aftermath is Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis, who are from Manchester  themselves. When Coldplay led the crowd in singing the anthem at the concert there was a massive sense of solidarity that seemed to summarise the message of the entire evening: They shall not win. Since then I have been listening to Oasis’ greatest hits on repeat and remembering just what makes their music so good in the first place.

9. The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder 


I know this collection isn’t new to July but I only managed to get my hands on a few of the products earlier in July. So far I’m really impressed. There are some really unique products in the collection that I have never seen before such as lipsticks that will changer the colour of another one placed on top and the Kendall Jenner collaboration palette that has some really unusual colours in it as well and is based on the same idea of  changing the colours and undertones in the collection.

10.  Skirts


When I was little I would only wear skirts because I was the girliest girl ever and pants were ‘for boys’. But since I discovered the comfort that is leggings I haven’t really work skirts or dresses on a daily basis until I found the most gorgeous A-Line skirts on sale a few weeks ago. I’ve been pairing them with tights and a plain t-shirt and I for one think they look really cute.

11. Whitechapel


Next on my list of Netflix binges is crime drama Whitechapel. I watched the available 3 seasons of this in 3 days and I’m still angry that the forth isn’t online anywhere (if you can find it, let me know). It’s so well written and seriously addictive. Also because I’m a history nerd, I love seeing how they recreate historical crimes such as Jack the Ripper and the Kray Brothers.

12. Instagram


I’ve been doing Instagram for about 2 months now and its just growing and growing. Last week I surpassed 150 followers which is incredible for someone who isn’t a professional makeup artist and struggles with self confidence the way I have. Anyway, I love posting pictures on Instagram and I try to upload at least once a day so please head over there and follow me.

13. Fruit Salad


The eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted in my Bullet Journal that I’m trying to lose weight at the moment so, obviously, my diet has changed and I’m really enjoying eating fresh fruit salads at the moment. My favourite is Pineapple and Watermelon.

14. Walking


Following on from that, I’m also making sure I take my puppy-Boo- out walking for at least an hour everyday. I’m really enjoying going for walks around the countryside and in forests and near streams all with beautiful scenery.

15. BH Cosmetics’ Take Me Back to Brazil palette


Like Naked Heat, I have a whole review of this palette here. But I love this palette with all it’s bright colours. It’s great for creating some really fun, summery looks.

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  1. Hey, there Beth!

    Loved your blog post, it was brilliant. You’re an amazing writer, photographer, photo editor, and your makeup looks are AMAZING! I follow you on Instagram, and they’re just times when I’m looking at all of your makeup looks because they are just beautiful.

    Keep up the amazing work Beth!

    Love Lillie
    @x_lillie2003_x on Instagram ❤️❤️


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