4 Looks 1 Palette: BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Review

This week I received the BH Cosmetics’ Take Me Back to Brazil 35 colour eyeshadow palette. It was my first order direct from BH Cosmetics as I have always ordered their stuff from BeautyBay in the past but they don’t yet stock this particular product. I was super impressed by the speed of the delivery, usually standard international shipping to the UK from the States takes 2-3 weeks, sometimes with a much more expensive express option but BH Cosmetics seem to use the express option as standard and if I’d been home the first time delivery was attempted, I would have received the palette in about 5 days which is ridiculously quick given standard domestic shipping here is usually 3-5 days.

I personally didn’t have to pay customs tax as the order total was below the £15.00 minimum taxable amount but over that you’d be looking at a charge of 20% of the parcel value plus £8.00 handling fee- the same as any imported products- as BH Cosmetics don’t incorporate this into their shipping charges like Too Faced and Tarte have started doing but I am holding out hope that this will become standard in the future.

When I ordered there was an offer on that if you ordered any shadow palette or selected other products you got a free gift, which turned out to be a mini ‘to go’ version of their Urban Luxe Cool palette with 6 of the most popular shades in which was a nice little surprise.

Any way on to the Palette review:



When I first saw this palette I knew I needed it in my collection, I’m loving playing with colour at the moment (you can see all of my looks over on Instagram @/bethtakesonbeauty) and the neons in this product we’re speaking to me. I don’t know where I was when the original Take Me to Brazil palette launched but I obviously missed it somehow so Take Me Back to Brazil seemed like a good investment since it is a new and improved version with more colours.

The shadows are a dream to blend; some of the more pale colours didn’t swatch too well but I think it must have just been that there isn’t enough contrast with my skin tone as they certainly worked on the eyes. My only other complaint is the size of the product, since it contains 35 shadows I had assumed it was going to be a similar size to my Morphe palettes but it is significantly smaller however it is also significantly cheaper- retailing at $16.99 which is approximately £13.10 at the time of writing- and with  a palette like this with shades that aren’t necessarily going to be used on a daily basis, having less product isn’t the end of the world and it wouldn’t put me off repurchasing or recommending it to you guys!

4 Looks, 1 Palette

The everyday look

I used the purple tones in the palette to create a simple everyday, go-to look. First I used a large blending brush with shade Number 1 all over my crease area up to just below the brow bone. Then I used shade number 2 and a smaller blending brush to get right into the crease to create definition. I then used a flat shadow brush and shade number 3 all over the lid. Add some eyeliner if wanted, I only tight-lined for this look, and finish with mascara. Done.


The Elphaba Look


For this look I started out in a very similar way, I first put shade number 1 all over my eye area as a transition colour, followed by number 2 to make it a little brighter and more dramatic. Then I used number 3 in the inner and outer corners of my eye lid and added a dash of the bright yellow (number 4) in the centre of my eye lid using a small detail brush to create a halo effect. Again, I tight lined my eyes and added mascara to finish this vibrant tropical look.


The Ice Queen Look


For this look I used shade 1 on a large blending brush to act as a transition shade, then I used a smaller blending brush and shade 2 to go into and just above my crease. Next I used a pencil brush and shade 3 to create even more definition as I was trying to do a cut crease but the concealer I was using wasn’t ideal but either way, I like how this look turned out and the added depth really pulls the look together. I then used a flat brush to pack shade 4 on to my lid, added some eyeliner and mascara and Boom! Elsa will be jealous!


The Ultra-glam Look


I think this might be my favourite of the four looks. I started out the same as all the other looks, shade 1 as a transition colour, 2 in the crease and this time a little bit under the eye. I then added shade 3 to the inner and outer corners of my eyes and used a detail brush to add shade 4 into the centre of the lid and the middle of the lower lash line. I knew immediately that this look needed some dramatic af liner and then I finished up with some mascara.


The thing I think I like best about this palette is that the shadows are sorted into colour groups so you could literally take the correlating shades from any of the colour blocks and create the same looks in every colour of the rainbow which means that the possibilities are endless. I can already tell that I’m going to have some fun with this palette!

To Purchase the Take Me Back to Brazil Palette, click here (non-affiliate link).

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