The Best Foundations for Pale Skin

First off, I apologise for not posting last week, we have been organising a fundraiser for the Scout Group I help at and things were hectic!

This post is an outline and brief review of foundations and brands that I have found work best for my pale skin. If you need an idea of just how pale I am, please check out my post on Why I Love My Pale Skin. I hope you find something in this post that you think might work for you and if you think I’ve missed any or your favourite foundation isn’t listed, let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed are my own and what works/doesn’t work for me might be different for you.

Now, one thing that I have noticed when putting this post together is that I don’t own too many drugstore foundations. In fact, the only drugstore foundations that I have found in my shade so far are from either NYX or ELF which are American brands that are relatively new to the UK so my message to UK beauty brands is: extend your shade ranges! makeup is expensive and it would be great to find some cheaper alternatives and support British businesses at the same time. If you know of any, please let me know!

  1. Kat Von D Lock-it foundation

fullsizeoutput_138I LOVE this foundation. This is possibly my most recent foundation-purchase as I was waiting for the KVD concession to launch in the Liverpool Debenhams store so that I could go and get shade matched. The foundation itself is ridiculously full coverage, lasts all day and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. I am the shade 42 Light Neutral.

2.  TooFaced Born This Way

fullsizeoutput_13bI haven’t used this one too often as I got it just before the KVD one and that has become my full coverage go-to foundation if that’s what I’m looking for but I love that it has coconut water in it to keep the skin hydrated and again, the formula isn’t too heavy. I am the shade Snow.

3. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

fullsizeoutput_137This is my favourite everyday foundation to use. It is so light-weight yet buildable and it is really hydrating since it is water-based. this also means that it doesn’t cling to my dry areas but I don’t have to worry about adding any excess  oils to my oily areas since I have combination skin. I am the shade Fair Neutral.

4. MAC

fullsizeoutput_141As a brand, MAC has a massive shade range in their foundations. They also have so many different foundations that there really is something for everybody with the ranges formula, coverage and price. my favourite foundation is their Studio Fix Fluid since it has built in SPF but I also love their powders and BB Compact. I am the shade NW10 or NW15.


fullsizeoutput_13eMan do I love brands that have the same names for shades in all of their foundation ranges! I am the shade Siberia in NARS products. at the moment I am loving the sheer glow foundation for the summer since it is lightweight and just gives a healthy glow to the skin but I am trying to get my hands on some of their others. I also like their pressed powder compact too as an alternative to the MAC Studio Fix Powder.

6. ELF Flawless Finish

fullsizeoutput_13dAs I said in the intro to this post, this is one of the few drugstore foundations I own. I really like it and was pleasantly surprised my how good it was. In my opinion it is just as good as the Studio Fix Fluid from MAC and I probably wouldn’t repurchase that one now that I have found this. And the best part? It’s only Β£7.50! I’m the shade Porcelain.

7. NYX

fullsizeoutput_136My one and only gripe with NYX foundations is that I own three different ones and I am a different shade name in Every. Single. One. As a general rule though I am the lightest shade in each range, the range just changes for each type. Anyway, My favourite is the HD Studio Photogenic Foundation and it used to be the only foundation I owned until my collection grew, It’s a great everyday foundation with a flawless finish. I am the shade HDF01 Nude in this one.

fullsizeoutput_139Next is the Mineral Stick Foundation which I love for quick and easy makeup days when coverage isn’t my main concern, I just need something on my face. Pro Tip: if you use the NYX wonder stick with it, you can do foundation, concealer, highlight and contour all in one step, just put the product where you want it, blend with a firm buffing brush and BOOM, another 15 minutes in bed! I am the shade  MSF02 Porcelain.

fullsizeoutput_140Finally, I was so excited to try the Total Control Drop Foundation and I was hoping that it would replace the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea as my favourite since it can be expensive to get it here to the UK. Unfortunately, I don’t think that it is going to do that for me but it is a cheaper alternative. Also, NYX have expanded their shade range with this one so if you can’t usually find your shade in NYX foundations, give this a try. I am the shade TCDF01 Pale.

I hope you find a foundation you think you might like to try in this post. If your favourite isn’t listed here, let me know in the comments below, I love trying new products and I would love to get some recommendations from you guys. See you next week!

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  1. I have pale skin, and I think Rimmel do a pretty good job and covering a lot of shades, I always found one pale enough for my skin! – Great post! I really want to try the KVD one!xo


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