Disney Princess-Inspired Makeup Looks

Hello again! I hope you’ve had a lovely week. This week I have played around and created nine eyeshadow looks that have been inspired by different Disney Princesses. They vary in wearability and how complicated they are so I’m sure everybody will be able to recreate at least one of them and with a bit of practise, master all of them.

I’m going to start by listing the products I used so that when I give the specific colours and things I used underneath each look, you’ll be able to reference and see the types of shades I’ve used and you won’t have to go and buy exactly the palettes that I chose because we all know that makeup is expensive!

The Products


I didn’t use a primer as I was only doing one side of my face and only a section of that was to be photographed so I just went straight in with MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and set with Nars pressed powder. I then did my brows using the  NYX brow cake. Each look was finished using the Bare Minerals Lash Domination mascara.

To create the actual shadow-looks I primarily used the Urban Decay Full Spectrum (UDFS) palette and the NYX Ultimate Brights (NYXUB) Palette along side the original Urban Decay Naked (UDN) palette when I needed more muted colours. I also used 2 Colourpop SuperShock Shadows for one of the looks because the colours were perfect for the look I was creating.


The Looks


To create the Snow White look I first of all placed Blindsided from the UDFS in my crease, blending until I was happy with both the colour payoff and how smoked-out it was. Then I used the Blue in the first column of the NYXUB on the lid. Next I ran a small amount off Calavera from the UDFS under my bottom lashes. Finally, I used a tiny detail brush and the red in the NYXUB palette to create something that vaguely resembles the detail on her sleeves along my brow-bone.






This is possibly the most complicated look of them all. first of I blended the vivid pink on the top row of the NYXUB palette into my crease and added Paranoia from UDFS on to my lid. Then I went in with a tiny liner brush (mine was from Zoeva) and the Mac Pro Longwear foundation I was using to carve out the shape of my crown/tiara. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube which will show you how to do this better than I can explain it, personally I used the one by NikkiTutorials. I then used a small shadow brush to pack Goldmine from UDFS on to the shape I had made.






For Cinderella’s look I did a basic smokey eye using Blindsided from UDFS in the crease and the turquoise colour from NYXUB on the lid. Next I ran Smog from UDN along my lash line and out to create a winged liner look. Now, if you are more creative than me, I initially tried to use the same concept as making the crown for Aurora by using the foundation to create the shape of Cinderella’s glass slipper which I was going to fill with silver glitter but after failing miserably about 6 times to draw anything that looked remotely like a shoe I decided to go in a different direction. So, I took the orange on the bottom row of NYXUB and put a circle just underneath my eye, I then added a little bit of detail with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to the pumpkin and a green leaf using Hatter from UDFS and joined the pumpkin to the liner using Smog again to create a stalk.




For Elsa I used the turquoise from the NYXUB palette all over the lid and into the crease and then the tiniest bit of Blindsided from UDFS on a tiny pencil brush just to deepen the the deepest part of the crease. Next I used NYX’s white liquid liner to create a wing and draw snowflakes just below the eye. I decided not to apply mascara as some of the liner stuck to my lashes and I liked that it gave the impression that my lashes were Frozen.fullsizeoutput_5f





Next was Ariel, which might be the easiest of all the looks to recreate. I started by blending Cusp from Colourpop into my crease with a firm blender brush and applying Dare also from Colourpop onto my lid using my finger. On a side note, I love the blue reflect that this shadow has. Next I ran the red from NYXUB along my lower lash line and outwards to create a reverse liner look as well as packed it onto my inner corner to represent Ariel’s hair. That’s it. Done.






Pocahontas is probably the most wearable look I did as it is primarily more muted colours. So, I placed a combination of Smog and Buck from the UDN palette into my crease and then packed Naked from the same palette onto my lid. Then I used a small detail brush and ran Blindsided from UDFS under my lower lash line and to create a few small dots along the Lid to represent her necklace. simple.





Belle Was quite a difficult look to get right so I debated whether or not to include it but I decided to show that not even the people who post their makeup-looks online get it right every time. It started of easy enough, I blended the yellow from NYXUB into the crease and Calavera from UDFS onto the lid, simple, right? Then came the hard bit. I could not get the red dot (Top row, NYXUB) under my eye to resemble a rose in any way, shape or form. eventually I settled on this style, which was the best of a bad bunch, were I used the NYX white liner again to add the detail and Hatter from UDFS to create a stem. What can I say? I tried.






Rapunzel is another really simple look. Used the same design as the Ariel-inspired design and used paranoia on the lid and the pinky-purple colour on the second row of NYXUB in the crease then used the yellow from the same palette to create the liner but winged it out quite dramatically since she has such long hair.






Finally, Moana is really simple but might actually be one of my favourites. I used a mixture of the oranges on the top row and the yellowy-orange on the bottom row of the NYXUB palette on my lid then blended a combination of Naked and Buck from the UDN palette into my crease. I then used Blindsided from UDFS along my lower lash line and blended it onto the lid to create the winged liner that looks like a wave. fullsizeoutput_4f

I hope you enjoyed this post. I had so much fun playing with the shadows to create these looks so let me know if this is something that you would like to see more of.

Please follow me on Instagram @Bethtakesonbeauty and Twitter @bethtakesbeauty to see more regular posts from me and let me know who your favourite Disney Character is, which your favourite look is or if you’ll be recreating any, I’d love to see them so tag me in the pictures or send them my way!




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