My Current Skincare Routine

Recently I received quite a few compliments on my skin so I thought I would share my skincare routine with you all.

Makeup Remover

First of all I use a make up remover. My all time favourite is  the Urban Decay Makeup Meltdown dissolving spray. I swear this thing can remove anything in a nano-second.tSecondly, I use a cleanser. I haven’t got a favourite yet but at the moment I’m using one from Clinique. I do this primarily to remove the UD spray because even though it says it’s oil free, my skin still feels greasy after I use it but that is a small price to pay for the speed it removes my makeup at.


I recently found a new brand- or at least new to us in the UK- called The Ordinary. I heard about this specific product- Niacimide 10% + zinc 2%- from a Buzzfeed Article and at £5.50 I had to try it as they claimed it helped with acne and I get a lot of hormonal acne on my chin. This thing is a miracle worker! I’ve been using it for just over a month maybe? and there is such an improvement in my skin apart from the one pore that seems to insist on getting blocked once a month- Ladies you know what I’m talking about. I’m so impressed with this that I ordered a tonne more of their products to add into my routine then in a few weeks time  I’m hopefully going to do a post dedicated just to The Ordinary. hopefully they will have arrived  by the time you’re reading this.


Anyone with combination skin will tell you how difficult it is to find a moisturiser. Your skin is dry, you use a moisturiser, your skin is an oily hot-mess. But this moisturiser from Lush is specifically made for oily skin and is completely water-based. My skin has never been so soft!

Spot Treatmentsb

now for that on pore on my chin that still likes to ruin my skin once a month, I use Grease Lightning from Lush. This definitely reduces redness and the size of the spot if you use it morning and night.


I also like to use a mask of some sort a couple of times a week. My favourites are the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Mask and the Hell Pore peel mask but recently I’ve been trying the Urban Decay pore-refining peel to see how it compares to Hell Pore and I’m really torn between the two. I also really like sheet masks but I’ll just have a look through whatever they’ve got in my local TK Maxx and buy any that claim they’ll fix my skin issues, I don’t really have any that I use all of the time so I thought I would just share a few pictures of some of the masks that I use on a regular basis.


So guys, that is a brief outline of my skincare routine. Please follow if you’d like to hear more about my favourite products or see some makeup looks. As you’re reading this I will have finished university for the summer and I have a few exciting things planned so watch this space!

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